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Campaigners take legal fight against eco-towns to High Court (Daily Telegraph, 23 January 2009)

Residents tell of 'ghastly' eco-town shadow (Oxford Mail, January 22 2009)

Eco-town fight reaches High Court (BBC News, January 22 2009)

Eco-town campaigners take fight to High Court (West Sussex County Times 22 January 2009)

WESTON OTMOOR: Eco town would be bad neighbour (Oxford Times 14 January 2009)

'Massive blow' to eco-town (Oxford Times 15 January 2009)

Secrecy claim in eco-town dispute (Oxford Times 18 December 2008)


Ecotown plans are not sustainable (The Guardian, August 15 2008)

Million new homes would be hell' (Oxford Mail, 17 Aug 2008)

Pledges to involve local communities in the planning system no more than lip service (TheLawyer, 11 Aug 2008)

Minister finds out more about eco-town (Bicester Advertiser, 11 Aug 2008)

Eco-towns fight heading for court (Oxford Mail, 10 Aug 2008)

Fact or Friction? (Private Eye, 8 Aug 2008)

Flint on the defence over eco-town plans (bd, 8 Aug 2008)

In defence of the eco-town by Wayne Hemingway (Daily Telegraph, 5 Aug 2008)

Eco-towns: a design for life (The Times, 5 Aug 2008)

Big response for eco-town (4 August 2008)

Tories demand firm date for eco-town shortlist (Sunday Telegraph, 3 Aug 2008)

Housing minister visits county (Abingdon Herald, 1 Aug 2008)

Views invited on eco-town (Oxford Mail, 1 Aug 2008)

Minister's fears for county's housing (Oxford Mail, 1 Aug 2008)

Government sets out eco-town standards (bdonline, 1 Aug, 2008)

‘Keep up eco-town dialogue’ (Oxford Mail, 31 July 2008)

Shelter highlights affordable housing shortage in Oxfordshire eco-town debate (, 30 July 2008)

Green housing policy must be more radical (Guardian, 30 July 2008)

Is the eco-town dream dead? (Building, 25th July 2008)

Government tightens ecotown planning standards (Guardian, 24 July 2008)

Green, with hints of Brown (Economist, 24 July, 2008)

Sustainable transport central to eco-town planning (, 24 July 2008)

'Car free commute' eco-town plan (BBC News, 24 July 2008)

Flint labels eco-town legal challenge 'spurious' (Building, 24 July 2008)

LGA considers eco town challenge (BBC Today Programme, 23 July 2008)

Living in an eco-town will cost £500 a year extra (The Times, 23 July 2008)

Eco-town approach may be unlawful (Oxford Mail, 23 July 2008)

Ministers are told to drop most eco-towns (Sunday Telegraph, 20 July 2008)

Baldry and Howell go head-to-head with Flint (Oxford Mail, 19 July 2008)

Government risks 'losing the plot' over eco-towns, warns top architect (Daily Telegraph, 18 July 2008)

Cambridgeshire eco-town scrapped after Wellcome Trust refuses to sell the land (Daily Telegraph, 17 July 2008)

Ecotown loophole leaves door open for polluters (Guardian, 15 July 2008)

Assembly rejects 'eco-town' plans (BBC News, 14 July, 2008)

'Housebuilding plans are seen as neither green nor pleasant (Financial Times, 13th July)

Eco-town firm are chickens' (Oxford Mail, 13 July 2008)

So, just how green will the eco-towns be? (Observer 13 July 2008)

Eco-towns worldwide (Observer, 13 July 2008)

Labour unveils plans for 750 eco-towns (Private Eye, 11 July 2008)

Leader's blog: who will build the government's new homes? (Oxfordshire County Council, 11 July 2008)

Eco-towns in danger of repeating new-town mistakes, campaigners warn (Daily Telegraph, 11 July 2008)

MPs call for rethink on eco-towns (Birmingham Post, 11 July 2008)

New Town failures should brake new eco-towns (, 11 July 2008)

Fashion designer Wayne Hemingway calls for eco-towns to be cut (Daily Telegraph, 10 July 2008)

More alarm at eco-town plan (Oxford Mail, 9 July 2008)

Queen and Prince Charles back eco-towns (Daily Telegraph, 9 July 2008)

Housing slump could 'delay eco-towns' (BBC News, 9 July 2008)

Queen and Charles throw crown into the ring in government drive for ecotowns (Guardian, 9 July 2008)

Call for ban on 'eco-town' second homes (BBC News ,8 July 2008)

'Leadership role' for HCA in eco-town delivery (Planning Resouce, 8 July 2008)

Time to talk about eco-towns (Guardian, 7 July 2008)

Eco-towns should be near urban sprawl, say planning chief (Birmingham Post, 6 July 2008)

Country Diary (Daily Telegraph, 5 July 2008)

Traders: 'Mixed feelings on eco-town' (Bicester Advertiser, 4 July 2008)

Minister's planning powers expanded (Planning Resource, 4 July 2008)

Landscape failed in eco-town plans, says Landscape Institute (Landscape Institute, 4 July 2008)

Gordon Brown's eco-towns are not green (Sian Berry of the Green Party, Daily Telegraph, 4 July 2008)

Government delays eco-town design competition (bd, 4 July 2008), see also Eco-town design competition launched (, 7th November, 2007)

Report questions eco-town railway (BBC, 3 July 2008)

RSPB attacks eco-town plan (Oxford Mail, 3 July 2008)

Midland eco-town sites unsuitable, says regional assembly (Birmingham Post, 3 July 2008)

RSPB condemns Weston Otmoor 'Eco' Town' plan (RSPB, 3 July 2008)

When green is the colour of gullibility.(Financial Times, 2 July 2008)

Caroline Flint under fire in Commons over eco-towns (, 1 July 2008)

The Big Question: What are eco-towns, and how green are they in reality? (Independent, 1 July 2008)

'Eco-towns' will fall victim to economics (Daily Telegraph, 1 July 2008)

Sketch: Rich peasants invade Westminster to attack Gordon Brown's eco-towns (Daily Telegraph, 1 July 2008)

Government urged to adopt eco-quarters policy (Royal Town Planning Institute, 30 June 2008)

Don't build on our Green Belt' (Oxford Mail, 30 June 2008)

Eco-towns: Labour could force through plans to stop Tories axing them (Daily Telegraph, 30 June 2008)

Eco-towns do not offer 'sustainable living' (Daily Telegraph, 30 June 2008)

Eco-Towns: Government should go back to the drawing board (Campaign to Protect Rural England, 30 June 2008)


A vision that will make slums of what's left of our rural heritage (Independent, 29 June 2008)

Eco-town plan in danger of being slashed back (Sunday Times, 29 June 2008)

Eco-towns could net Treasury £275m (The Independent, 29 June 2008)

Government in line to make millions from selling Ministry of Defence land for eco-towns (Sunday Telegraph, 29 June 2008)

Eco-towns: Britain's brave new worlds? (Daily Telegraph, 28 June 2008)

Forcing through planning approval sparks row (Financial Times, 28 June 2008)

An eco-town on greenfield site is unsustainable (Financial Times, 27 June 2008)

New town is out of this world (Oxford Mail, 27 June 2008)

An interview with the Housing Minister, Caroline Flint (The Times, 27 June 2008)
eco-towns: must make "substantial use of brownfield ", must consider "how engages with existing communities", must use sites "potentially ripe for development"

Flint: Fewer than 10 eco-towns may be built (Building, 27 June 2008)

Eco-town map includes toll (Oxford Mail, 26 June 2008)

Free trams for eco-town (Oxford Times, 26 June 2008)

Eco-towns will "become eco-slums of the future" (Local Government Association, 26 June 2008)

One third of Labour's new eco-towns 'hijacked by supermarket giants' (Daily Mail. 25 June, 2008)

Build eco-towns in urban areas, not the countryside, say council chiefs (Daily Telegraph, 25 June 2008)

Call for redesign of 'eco-towns' (BBC, 25 June 2008)

The great ecotown land grab (Guardian, 25 June 2008)

Legal challenge to eco-town plans (BBC, 25 June 2008)

Weston campaigners make their mark (Leader's blog, Oxfordshire County Council, 25th June, 2008)

Major concerns on eco-town (Oxfordshire County Council, 24 June 2008)

Eco-town bid goes on the road (Oxford Mail, 24 June 2008)

Eco-town plans attacked over public transport links (Guardian, 24 June 2008)

Eco-town advisers 'didn't talk to locals' (Oxford Mail, 24 June 2008)

Eco-town houses 'would cost £300,000' (Daily Telegraph, 23 June 2008)

Only two out of 15 eco towns are really green (Daily Telegraph, 23rd June 2008)

Setback for Brown 'eco-town' plan (BBC, 23rd June 2008)

No spells ‘no’ for eco-town (Oxford Mail, 22nd June 2008)

Gordon Brown's eco-towns policy just ‘greenwash’, warns report (22nd June 2008)

Village residents step up battle against eco-town development plan (Advertiser/ Bicester Review June 21st, 2008)

'Tescopoly' engulfs controversial ecotowns (Daily Telegraph, 21st June 2008)

I resign from glove-puppet eco-committee (, 19 June 2008)

Labour's eco-towns 'won't be as green as promised' (Daily Mail, 19 June 2008)

The laughable state of our eco-towns (The Times, 19 June 2008)

Why eco-towns will destroy the very environment they are supposed to save (Daily Mail, 17 June 2008)

Eco-town residents may be fined for using cars (Daily Telegraph, 17 June 2008)

Eco-town warriors stage protest (Oxford Mail, 17 June 2008)

Gordon Brown's futuristic eco-towns to fine residents for driving out of city limits (The Times, 17 June2008)

The good news about the housing crash (bye-bye to Gordon Brown’s eco-towns, thank goodness) (Money Week, 16 June 2008)

Design fault threatens exemplar eco-town (bd, the architect's website, 15 June 2008)

Eco-towns: for and against (Sunday Times, 15 June 2008)

Government advisor Wayne Hemingway has serious doubts (BBC, 13 June 2008)

Eco-town protest in the post (Oxford Mail, 8 June 2008)

Green Belt also earmarked in housing minister Caroline Flint's constituency (Daily Telegraph, 8 June 2008)

Only five eco-towns could be built, Government minister admits (Daily Telegraph 7 June 2008)

Protesters march against eco-town (BBC News, Saturday 7 June 2008)

A fragile landscape at risk (Oxford Times, 5 June 2008)

Revised eco-town plan 'could go through' (Oxford Mail, 5 June 2008)

Naked Commercial Greed Meets Stalinist Control (The Spectator, 4 June 2008)

Benefits from the eco-town (Oxford Mail, 2 June 2008)

Protest at Gordon Brown's eco-towns grows (Daily Telegraph, 1 June 2008)

Eco-towns: Labour fears electoral backlash (Daily Telegraph, 1 June 2008)

The Government still needs to persuade the public over eco-towns (Daily Telegraph, 31 May 2008)

What housing shortage? Death of the eco-town? (Money Week, 30 May 2008)

Government may announce more than 10 eco-towns (Building, 30 May 2008)

Don't miss the Eco-town Panto (Littlehampton Gazette 29 May 2008)

Gridlock fear for eco-town (Oxford Mail, 26 May 2008)

Long Marston eco town faces legal challenge (The Observer, Sunday May 25 2008)

Eco-towns will result in more carbon emissions (Federation of Master Builders 23.5.08)

Lord Rogers attacks eco-towns as a big mistake (Building Design, 22.5.08)

Flint seeks excellence in eco-town plans (UK Property News, 19.5.08)

Eco-towns to 'override planning process' (Daily Telegraph, 19 May 2008)

Whitehall to force through eco-towns (Sunday Times, 18.05.08)

Tim Henman's father wages war against eco-town planners (Daily Telegraph 14.05.08)

Janet Street-Porter: We're ready to rise up against eco-towns. Independent 15.05.08

Eco-town builder Co-operative group is Labour donor. Daily Telegraph 12.5.08

Labour housing minister accused of cronyism. Daily Telegraph 15.5.08

Eco-towns are veneer to plans for 3 million homes. Daily Telegraph 14.5.08

Eco-town plans rejected by Stratford upon Avon. Daily Telegraph 12.5.08

Revolt against plans for 200,000 eco-homes (Daily Telegraph 10.05.08)

City-sized swathe of green belt 'concreted over (Daily Telegraph 07.05.08)

John Nettles, the actor, has accused Gordon Brown of damaging England's heritage over plans for an eco-town near his country home: (Daily Telegraph 06.05.08)

Threat to Green-Belts - CPRE

"Council to hold eco-town enquiry" - (BBC News website, 01.05.08)

 Debate rages over 'eco-town'

Eco-town opponents rally support (Oxford Mail, 25.04.08)

Weston Otmoor: an eco-town ecological disaster (Wildlife Extra, 24.04.08)

Ecotowns are the greatest try-on in the history of property speculation (Guardian, 04.04.08)

Tim Henman's parents rally against 'eco-town' (Sunday Times, 23.03.08)

A town called eco (Guardian blog, 12.02.08)

Just the spot for a new Milton Keynes (Sunday Times, 13.04.08)

Eco-towns: right idea, wrong place (campaign to Protect Rural England, 03.04.08)

Eco-town plans Florence-style bridge over A34 (Oxford Mail, 11.04.08)

Residents vow to fight on as eco-town makes shortlist (Bicester Review, 11.04.08)

'Horrendous' choice of 'eco-town' (BBC News, 3 April 2008)

There's nothing 'eco' about building 5,000 houses on a green field site (West Sussex Gazette)

Leader's blog: standing firm on Weston Otmoor plans (Oxfordshire County Council )

Increased Car Use Could Damage Ecotowns Environmental Credibility (Royal Town Planning Institute)

Weston Otmoor: an eco-town that will destroy ecology (Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust)

Down with Brown Towns (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors)

Four sites shortlisted to become Eco-Towns (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors)

Eco-towns run ghetto risk (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors)

The eco-town has not landed (Building Design, 11.04.08)

Eco towns – The zero evidence footprint (Reform, April 2008)

Eco-towns will break Gordon Brown’s carbon pledge (The Times, 30 March, 2008)

But would you want to live in an eco-town? (independent, 28 February, 2008)


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