Eco-towns consultation, ends June 30th 2008

The Department for Communities and Local Government is seeking your views on

The document Eco-towns: Living a Greener Future explains this.


Eco-towns Challenge, ends July 2008

A panel of experts have been engaged by the government to advise developers on improving their bids. Their advice will be published. You can read more here

Twelve experts sign up for eco-towns challenge


July to Autumn: publication of and consultation on the following

draft Planning Policy Statement on Eco-towns

This will be a possibly refined list of locations and the core principles and criteria for eco-towns. This policy statement will be material to any planning decision and any appeal to a planning inspector.

Sustainability Appraisal

This will study environmental sustainability. Issues such as the impact of transport, waste, pollution and maintaining bio-diversity.


Planning Policy Statement on Eco-towns

This will be the final policy statement taking into account the views of consultees and will list the sites going forward to planning approval.



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